Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


An engineer who uses the principles of engineering, physics, and materials science to design, produce, and maintain tools, machinery, and other products. Nearly everything that has moving parts, found at home and in school, was designed by a mechanical engineer. This is one of the broadest categories of engineering, because it can include so many types of work.

The creation of objects we use every day requires attention to how it will be used and what people expect. This means people with great observation skills, attention to detail and the patients to try many things are often drawn to this problem- solving job. Computers are used extensively to design devices in engineering careers.

The manufacturing industry is the largest employer of mechanical engineers and many engineering jobs are getting very aggressive in their creativity.

Not all schools with engineering programs have every engineering degree available. It's important to do advance research about the types of engineering that interests you

Many engineering jobs may also require additional licenses or certifications to designate an expertise in the required engineering skills. While some engineering job categories are not growing as fast as other jobs in the market, a degree in Engineering can be utilized in many careers and is considered a very versatile education. New developments regularly change the demand for engineers as well.