Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist


A scientist who studies organisms found in oceans or other marine bodies of water. In order to qualify for this popular job, many specialized higher education classes are required. The interaction between marine wildlife and their ecosystems is very important as we find the human impact on our oceans, can be very wide reaching.

Water is critical for our planet and people to be healthy. This is an important career for our environment.

The job can include both indoor and outdoor work. Although animal observation, collecting data and specimens must be done in the habitat, a lot of the analysis work is done indoors. Sometimes those activities may be split between different people, often the same person will have a mix of lab and writing responsibilities along with their outdoor observations.

There is a wide variety of wildlife interacting and living within the ocean. This creates a wide variety of specialist jobs to study the various fish, birds, mammals and plant life in the ecosystem.

A bachelors degree can start the career of biologist, but a masters and often a Pd.D. is required for published research level positions. Funding for projects and research often come from governments or private donations, so the ability to write and persuade others that the research is necessary are powerful and often necessary skills.

Zoologist, Botanists, Ecologist and other types of biologist may focus their research on areas beyond the oceans, but their career requirements are VERY similar.