Speaking & News

Speaking and Appearances

Lois is available for public appearances, keynote presentations, school visits, radio and television interviews.

*During this time of health insecurity for live visits, all appearances will be conducted online.

Presentation Topics for Students (adaptable by age group)

  • How To Pick A Major or a College
  • Careers With or Without College
  • What To Do With Your Career Assessment Survey
  • The Life of an Entrepreneur
  • How To Explore Careers
  • Careers In … (any industry or class topic)
  • Classic Author Visits

Longer Format Workshops Or Events

  • Vision Board Your Future
  • Connecting Your Today with Your Future
  • On-Sight Career Fair

Popular Topics for Presentations to Teachers or Adults and Interviews:

  • Inspired Kids Become Inspiring Adults
  • Motivating Students with Career Exploration
  • Interpreting and Explaining Standard Career Surveys
  • Using Soft Skills To Define Career Conversations
  • What Can Your Company Do To Invest In Your Future Workforce?
  • Avoiding the Boomerang Child
  • Building Successful and Meaningful Internship Programs
  • Creative Ways to Explore Careers
  • The Power of Exploring Careers (and The Loss of Power Without It)
  • Five Skills To Teach Your Kid To Launch Them Towards Successful Careers
  • Video Gaming Isn’t All Evil – Powerful Skills Your Kid is Learning