Imagine finding your future career story through exploring the things you love spending your time doing. Or having things you love around you every day on the job.

When I see people in their zone and loving their work, everyone can feel that energy. I believe we can make this happen for kids by getting them started in the right direction with information that can fulfill their dreams. Even dreams they didn’t know they had, until they went looking.

As an entrepreneur, and former talent management software CEO, I have seen and experienced the benefits of truly enjoying the work one has in one’s career. By spending a career connecting with people, mentoring, traveling, selling, marketing and helping with the design of software, I loved what I did. I know the value of connecting your interests into your job.

I have now founded My Future Story to write kids books about careers, based on what they love to do, and create an app to help kids curate the interests they have and connect them to careers they could enjoy. While mentoring students and young adults I identified a large gap in the information available to explore careers. I intend to fix that problem.

In consultation with businesses around the world, helping companies plan the future of the workforce, I identified a key element of success for individuals in their careers and for their potential of future opportunities. The key is having the right match of responsibilities and attributes of ones job, directly correlating with interest and activities you enjoy. The goal now, is to help kids create a career path associated with their interest and avoid, simply falling into a job that dictates future career development.

As a blogger, author and public speaker I will use these skills to do what I love, while helping others too.

My writing is usually done sitting on the back porch watching my rescued Jack Russell, Molly, chew sticks and chase butterflies. Or I am writing up, over or around one of my cuddling cats, also rescued critters. I live in Southlake, Texas with my husband and teenage son, neither of which have ever been homeless or in need of rescue.

Lois Melbourne