Molecular Engineer

Molecular Engineer


An engineer who manufactures molecules or creates new manufacturing materials using them. A molecular engineer works with things so small that you cannot see them without a microscope or other tool that magnifies their image.

This is a very specialized field. It can have impacts in nature and many industries.

There are many specialties in this field and usually the focus for the specialty is required to begin during the years in university. The courses beyond basic chemistry, biological sciences, math and physics, will shape which specialty is pursued. It is required to be analytical, organized and focused on problem solving and critical thinking. Math and writing skills are also key tools used on the job.

These jobs involve a great deal of time in laboratories and documenting the discoveries. Most commonly the research is involved in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. There are also needs in material sciences, meaning they study of chemistry, physics and engineering to improve materials for industries like fashion, construction or manufacturing.

The education involved is a college career path requiring a masters or Ph.D is most cases. There are jobs in the field that could be secured with a bachelor’s degree, but with little chance of advancement without the masters degree. During the process of earning the degrees, work in labs and research development are required.