Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer


An engineer who deals with the technology of electricity, especially the design and application of circuitry and equipment for power generation.

The design processes often involved in these jobs require curiosity, problem solving, creativity and consistent ability to complete tasks. These jobs require math, computer and analysis skills. Concentration, communication and documentation skills are sought after by employers too.

A degree in electrical engineering can be the foundation for many types of careers. While some jobs can be very technical and hands on with computer designing, installation of equipment or manufacturing, others may be more involved in assessing customer requirements and gathering the specifications and needs of new equipment.

If you're interested in engineering it is important to make sure the university you attend provides the right degree. You will need to start in the right math track starting your first year.

Many of these jobs may also require additional licenses or certifications to designate an expertise in the required engineering skills. While some engineering job categories are not growing as fast as other jobs in the market, a degree in Engineering can be utilized in many careers and is considered a very versatile education. New developments regularly change the demand for engineers as well.