Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer


An engineer who designs and maintains public works, including roads, bridges, dams, and other structures. A civil engineer often works with city planners, architects, and environmental experts to make these big projects possible. There are specialties in the field for construction, transportation, geotechnical (how the earth interacts with what is being built) and structural (strength and durability of the project)

The job includes both indoor and outdoor activities and with specialties can require extensive travel or relocation to support major projects.

The job growth in civil engineering is strong and currently driven largely by water distribution and new needs for renewable energy.

These jobs require a bachelors degree which includes math, engineering mechanics, statistics and other construction related courses. After receiving the university degree specific licensing is usually required. These projects have large safety expectations, so specific knowledge and education commitment is important to the public. The licensing process typically requires both tests and engineering internships or apprenticeships for hands-on supervised training.