City Planner

City Planner


A person who helps a community decide how to best use its land and Resources. Creating the integration of streets, parks, businesses, and residential areas the planners must consider the environment, costs, population growth and business plans for the area. The bigger the city, the more complex the planning. Many big cities have teams of planners that work together to understand all aspects of what a city needs and requires.

City Planners are employed by cities of all sizes. The larger the city, the more specialized the job duties will be.

City planners must gather the requirements and support from a large group of organizations. They need to work with businesses to learn about their developments and employment plans. They coordinate with transportation planners to assure the access through their plan is logical and not disruptive to other routes in development. They must also work with government and legal experts to assure compliance with zoning laws and expectations.

Most city planners have a master’s degree in in Urban Planning or a similar area. Often their experience before being a city planner is in something related like architecture, economic development, environmental research or city government.

Although specific jobs in urban or regional planning will grow at the same rate as most all jobs, field surrounding city development is growing in some areas and shrinking in others. Southern states are seeing a greater expansion then the Northeast.