Account Manager

Account Manager


Being an Account Manager is an excellent career choice for those with an outgoing, talkative personality with a creative mind. You will be the connecting bond between a company and its clients. Some account managers make the initial sale to a customer and some begin working with a client when it is time to manage the services or the ongoing relationship after a client hires a company.

Account Management is often a sales relationship career.

The position often requires multi-tasking such as contacting new clients to bring in more business, overseeing more than one customer, giving presentations, meeting with clients, and preserving good relations with clients. The job is typically considered an office job, with many account managers tasked with travel to client’s offices or places of work. Some Account Managers work from an office within their own homes and are not in the same city as the main office. This lets them live closer to their clients.

The job requires excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. The ability to balance the needs of clients and the abilities and needs of your company that employs you, is a skill needed every day. Being a quick learner helps you understand the products and services your employer can offer your client and translate the client’s needs to the team you work with daily.

Account management is good for people that like to build relationships and can keep attention to detail.

A degree in either marketing, advertising, communication, or business management will be a huge advantage. In some industries, have a background or education in the field you are supporting is a good way to start your career.