A person who uses the elements of art to communicate a business message. A graphic designer’s work is seen every day in the different kinds of ads found in newspapers, magazines, online, and so on. These skills are needed not only in marketing, but also in packaging, software user interfaces and consumer product design.

Education is usually achieved through a bachelor’s degree, or design school training.

Computer skills, artistic skills and creativity are all utilized in graphic design. It is also critical a designer is sensitive to deadlines and has the ability to manage time in such a way that client and project objectives are completed on time.

While the wage level of graphic designers is in the middle range for entry level positions with similar education, the potential of graphic designers making money entrepreneurially is also available. Many small businesses and organizations do not need full time designers, but they do need project work. These organizations often tap freelance (self employed) graphic designers to assist in these projects.

Building a portfolio of work and making it available to potential employers or clients on line, is an important way for most graphic designers to get work.