Video Game Animator

Video Game Animator


Becoming a game animator can be an exciting career path for those with a creative and imaginative personality. Game animators create the movement and behavior within a game, best utilizing the game engine’s technology within the platforms limits. In an industry that continues to expand and evolve, many gaming companies look for well-rounded animators. Free-Lance and independent jobs are available as well. There are many job titles related to the creation of game animation. Here is a list with details showing their differences and similarities Animation Career Review

There are many graphic creation jobs in the gaming world. World building, character creation and interface design are three beyond animator.

In order to qualify for this job it starts with some technology specific qualifications. Understanding full motion video, traditional and computer 2D & 3D animation techniques is required. Basic programming skills and an animation related degree improve your marketability. Creating memorable characters that appeal to other players is really what matters. While programming and animation may appear to be a solitary work effort, creating video games is very much a team project. The ability to communicate and interact with others, is important to meet deadlines and master the large task of creating the game’s world.

Being able to demonstrate work through a portfolio and show reels that should be 2-3 minutes in detail is critical. Most often animators are supposed to apply themselves to give life to game characters and creatures. In some cases they apply themselves to objects, scenery, plant life and environmental effects. Gaming continues to be a dynamic and growing industry. It makes game animation an exciting career option for your future.

A list of popular schools with degrees available in animation and related technical programs Schools for Game Animation Careers

There are also online school programs to gain the education. It is especially important if you take an online program that you can prove that you can work in teams to develop your projects. Some employers like the idea of the online schools because their employees may be working with teammates remotely and the skills learned during a remote course, prepares them for the work environment.
Online Courses for Game Animation Careers