Tracking Down Scholarships

Tracking Down Scholarships

It can take many hours to find even one significant scholarship that a student ‘s qualification matches.

Each year about $100 million scholarship dollars go unclaimed. This is money people willing committed to help students reach their education goals.  However, due to lack of marketing the scholarships and the struggle students have in locating and applying for the scholarships, they go unawarded.

A fairly new app Scholly is available to help students match to scholarships because of their interests, background, grades or other qualifications.

The student must still do the work to apply for the scholarships which often require writing essays, creating video responses, collecting letters of recommendation and filling out forms. This is where the students SHOULD be spending their time – not endless attempts at Google searches to find the scholarships.

Companies, organizations or individuals can also purchase the app to make it available to students that can benefit from the streamlined process. There is a spot on the Scholly website specifically dedicated to these bulk purchases.

The blog site also has many tips on writing good scholarship essays and other secrets about scholarship processes.

There are many scholarships worth less than $1,000 that many students don’t apply for because they don’t think it is worth the effort. Let’s put it into perspective – a $500.00 scholarship is worth more than 2 weeks of a part time job serving pizza. It will not take 2 weeks to apply for these scholarships and you won’t get pizza grease on your shirt – unless you are eating pizza while filling out the applications.

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