Software Quality Tester

Software Quality Tester


A person who tests computer programs or apps to ensure they are working properly. This position works both alone and often in small teams with software programmers and analyst or product designers.

Software testing is critical for the success of a product. A tester is part of a team with programmers, analysts and product owners.

Often companies will set a college degree as a minimum requirement for applying for a technical position, but not always. Trade school or specific certification education is often accepted background training for the role. This is often a good role within a company for interns learning the software industry.

The job includes attention to detail, writing skills, concentration and problem solving skills. Analytical skills to asses problems and ways to uncover the cause of the software problems are very helpful.

This job and many surrounding the development and design of software are fast growing opportunities. The demand is wide spread from consumer apps to complex technical information systems. They all need testing.

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