Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist


A licensed health care professional, sometimes called a PT, who helps patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility after a surgery or illness. This job is a good example of a medical job that does not require going to medical school. However, it does require specific education and training.

Working with people in varied situations is a very important skill for a physical therapist

A PT must be able to work with people that often not in a good mood. Due to the pain the patients are in or the restrictions their injury is creating, the patient is often not happy to have to deal the exercises they learn and do with a physical therapist.

Physical Therapist often compliment their job with being very rewarding because as they work with doctors and patients they can see the progress of healing the patient is going through.

PTs work in doctors office, hospitals, nursing homes and athletic facilities. It is a very physical job and requires fitness.

After getting a bachelor’s degree additional education often last 3 years to receive an accreditation for Physical Therapy required by the state to practice.

Its a well paying career with a fast growth in demand. The increase in sports and fitness activities and the growth of the aging population create opportunities for the need in physical therapy.

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