Being a Paralegal is a great way of staying in the legal environment without all the studying required to be a lawyer. Your main role will be to support lawyers in their work, usually being involved in a large quantity of legal work. As a Paralegal, you will be taking on many tasks such as speaking with clients, taking statements from a witness, researching for court cases, writing up legal documents and preparing lawyers for their court cases.

Paralegals work closely with attorneys and often manage legal secretaries and other staff in the firm or department.

You can focus on a specific branch of the law such as corporate, immigration, banking, criminal, or civil. Usually you will spend most of the day in an open office area, but on occasion may attend court cases or other meetings. The common full time position usually works Monday to Friday. To be a Paralegal, there are no specific qualifications past a general good standard of education that is required but you are needed to have good knowledge of law and the legal system. There are various training courses and certifications you can earn, which increase employability.

More details about the careers of paralegals

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