A Librarian is a good career choice for those with a passion for literacy, knowledge and research. Some librarians work with a lot of people helping them match books to their research needs or their reading styles. Other librarians may work more secluded within research or material management.

There are four primary types of libraries; school, university, private, and public. Your duties will vary depending on which type of library you work in, you may find yourself maintaining and updating electronic resources, putting together events, ordering new material, conducting research for resources or helping others do research. The job is much more then shelving books.

Places people may not consider as having librarians include: museums, governments, and research organizations.

Your hours will usually be the typical 40 hours per week with the occasional events you will need to attend. While not all employees at a library have focused their education to pursue a position as a librarian, there are college degrees in Library Science, Information Science and Research, which make employment at a library easier to obtain. The type of library you would like to work in may help you select an education path. Education degrees are very common for elementary, middle school or high school librarians. The more advanced the library or the more specialized you want to become in your career, the better it is to pursue a related degree in college. Many advanced positions can require a master’s degree, most specifically in Library Science.