A scientist who studies what Earth is made of and how it was formed. This job is needed by many companies throughout the world, especially when a company is dependent on using Earth’s materials or resources to do business.

These jobs can involve either indoor or outdoor work environments. While work in the field is important to gather data, a great deal of the effort is also done in labs and historical researcher.

There is a wide variety of fields within geoscience. Work may involve the hunt for materials within the earth for mining/extraction or it could be researching the composite of the ground to test suitability for construction. Many geologist work with environmental projects to test water and soil for the impact of human development or natural changes.

There can be a lot of time spent in remote areas or traveling to observe and gather samples for study. This is dependent on the type of job. The mining and oil and gas exploration companies are the largest employers in these fields.

A bachelors degree is needed to enter the field. Various paths for geologist may require a masters or a Ph.D. if college teaching or some research level positions are of interest.