Agriculture Engineer

Agriculture Engineer


As an Agriculture Engineer you will work on multiple jobs such as forestry, land farming, improving environmental conservation, finding more efficient ways to process food, and so forth. You will be applying technological advances to farming that will make work much more efficient.

There are certainly many jobs in farming and agriculture that do not require a degree. However the demands of commercial farming are becoming more complex. Education in the entire supply chain helps.

There are a variety of activities for Agriculture Engineers within their jobs. It depends on the path you chose. You could be designing agriculture machinery, designing better housing and habitats for farm animals which provides healthy and productivity growing environments or your design or development could be around food storage or transportation, sustainable methods of farming or minimizing farming’s impact on the environment.

This is job that includes both indoor and outdoor work, in most cases. Understanding the agricultural environment will most often have you outside, while design and development time is most likely going to take place inside and using a computer.

To become an agriculture engineer, you can have a bachelor’s degree in either agricultural or biological engineering, then once you have completed your education, you will be required to take two post graduate exams that you need to pass. The main set of skills you need to be successful in this career is problem solving, math, good communication and computer skills.