Career Fair – Career Data Card: VP Consulting

During our career fair today we connected girl scouts with professionals – this is from the series of the Career Data Card we provided:

VP Consulting

Brief job description: I wear multiple hats:
· Manage the career growth for a team of 25 consultants
· Work directly with clients to provide project/program management services
· Improve internal business processes

Skills needed:
Problem solving ability
Good communication skills (verbal & written)
Nice to have: Understanding/experience with how software is created

Education needed: Bachelors degree

Fun fact about my job:
Our company focuses on our people – we have many non-work events like taking everyone to the movies, going to comedy clubs, service projects, and our annual trip to Las Vegas for team building.

Favorite thing about my job:
I get to learn about different companies every time I go to a new client. Examples of the types of companies include travel – airlines/hotels, medical, financial services, online marketing, energy, telecommunications. It’s never boring!

Similar jobs or jobs I work with everyday:
Jobs I work with frequently:
Software development teams: analysts, developers/coders, testers
Technology recruiters, Executives: CFOs, Presidents,

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