Career Fair – Career Data Card: Financial Advisor

During our career fair today we connected girl scouts with professionals – this is from the series of the Career Data Card we provided:

Financial Advisor
Brief Job description:
• Advise clients on investments to help them achieve their savings and retirement goals.

Skills Needed:
• Active listening, verbal and written communication skills
• Understanding of available investment options and the ability to determine whether they are suitable given the client’s objectives
• Service oriented focus
• Math
• Negotiation and social perceptiveness

Education Needed:
• Bachelors or Masters
• Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) licensing

Fun fact about the job:
• I work for American Airlines, so I can travel to meet my clients.

Favorite thing about my job:
• I get to meet a variety of people and enjoy helping them.

Similar job or jobs you work with every day:
• Stock Broker
• Hedge Fund Manager
• Investment Advisor
• Life Insurance Representative

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