Career Fair – Career Data Card: Business Analyst

During our career fair today we connected girl scouts with professionals – this is from the series of the Career Data Card we provided:

Business Analyst
Brief job description:
• A liaison between people in the business side of the company and IT(Information Technology Department), fluent in business-speak and Geek, who helps a team of people develop software to solve business problems.

Skills needed:
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Trained in software engineering concepts
• Business knowledge such as accounting, marketing, etc.
• Ability to analyze and decompose problems
• Create process model diagrams (i.e. If-then-else diagrams)
• Leadership

Education needed:
• Business Information Systems degree

Fun fact about my job:
• There is a ping pong table at work.

Favorite thing about my job:
• You know how the day flies by when you’re busy? I’m always busy (in a good way), never bored and work with smart, clever and nice people.

Similar jobs or jobs I work with everyday:
• Software programmer
• Software tester
• Software test automation


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